MRSI’s ADS program is certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.  We provide Adult Day Services and Vocational Services to the individuals we serve. As an alternative to traditional day programs, MRSI’s adult day support is offered in small group settings, catering to the distinct interests of participants, encouraging a personal approach, and enabling a focus on learning and using new skills and knowledge. We strive for our individuals to have greater independence, establish and / or maintain community membership, build lasting relationships, increase self-direction and self-advocacy. Our program operates Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 3:00pm.  Participants explore local areas and learn skills that will help them as community members. We offer this program in both our Van Wert and Celina locations. Browse our calendar of events for sample activities offered to current participants of the Adult Day Service program.  Call (419) 586-4709 for more information, to request program enrollment forms, to sign up for activities of personal appeal, or to be added to our e-mail or traditional mailing list.
Mercer Residential Service’s ADS program offers an incredible balanced range of activities that parallels the individuals we serve.  The activities offered are used to assist individuals towards gaining more independence. These activities include, but are not limited to

Community Connections

We strive to assist the individuals we serve with making connections in the community while also having fun. Daily we offer and encourage our individuals to join in on community activities that are based on the preferences of the individuals we serve. We introduce the individuals to new experiences, reintroduce individuals to familiar experiences and we explore ways to build connections with community members.

Our ADS has combined with numerous businesses and locations throughout Celina in an effort to develop a Volunteer program. This volunteer program is designed to not only give back to our community, but to generate socialization skills as well as work skills. All of which can only benefit the individuals we serve.

Skill Stations

We have individualized “stations” that focus on a variety of life skills. They include number / letter recognition, patterns, sorting skills, handwriting, work skills, matching, hand manipulation, finger dexterity, money skills, hand eye coordination, and more. We alter and create new stations regularly to fit the needs of the individuals we serve. As one skill is mastered we create more with the end goal being simply gaining independence and / or work skills depending on what the individual wants to achieve.

Vocational Services

We offer vocational services to individuals who would like to gain  employment in the future and / or build employment skills.  We feel very strongly that work skills, and work ethics is invaluable and the pride in the individual’s eyes when they complete a job is something they will never forget.

ROM Activities / Healthy Fit Club

We do a wide variety of exercises in house and out of house that focus on Range Of Motion and on physical fitness. It is a priority to all staff that we assist in keeping our individuals as healthy and physically active as possible. MRSI partners with the Van Wert and the Auglaize – Mercer County YMCA. While attending the Healthy Fit club individuals can participate in a wide variety of activities, such as swimming, yoga, strength training, recreational games exercising and more.

Communication Devices for Individuals With Communication Challenges

We strive to ensure all opportunities are explored to create options for all individuals to have the chance to communicate in their own personal way. We use a variety of tools to be able to implement this. These tools range from basic flashcards to technology. By using tablets we can use apps that vary from yes / no buttons to more in depth choices. This has become a valuable tool when it comes to introducing communication skills to the individuals we serve.

Gift Baskets

The Mercer ADS clients have begun making gift baskets for various events. The clients are using these gift baskets not only as a way to develop work skills, but to generate their own money. All proceeds from these baskets goes directly to the clients of the ADS for additional outings, activities, extra items they may want for in the facility and more. If you are interested in purchasing a gift basket, please contact our ADS Director at (419) 586-4709.

Book Club

We offer a FREE book club to individuals who would like the opportunity to meet new people, socialize, and work on their literacy skills. There is no limit to who can join this book club. The facilitator is trained in assisting with reading or guiding the individual with reading. While we do focus on literacy, we also want to offer the socialization and chance to visit new locations throughout the community. This book club is free to anyone who would like to take part in it. You do not have to be a client receiving services from MRSI to join! If you would like additional information on the book club, please contact our ADS Director at (419) 586-4709.