Mission Statement

MRSI’s mission is to be the leader of quality and affordable housing and support services for people with cognitive disabilities in the communities of West Central Ohio.


MRSI is a nonprofit organization established in 1977 by a group of parents and professionals as an alternative to the institutionalization of people with cognitive disabilities. We provide an array of services from group homes, respite care, affordable housing, homemaker/personal care services, vocational, recreational, and social activities.

Board of Directors


Mercer Residential Services, Inc.’s Core Values


We embrace each other’s differences so that we may enrich the well being of everyone.

We value the ever-changing diversity of our employees and customers. We learn from each other’s creativity and talents to become richer individuals. We base our actions on the principles of inclusion, empathy, and dignity.


We deal honestly and fairly with our customers and one another. We take responsibility for our actions and their consequences.

We do so in ways that are ethically based and represent the highest standards of service. Through our actions we aim to earn the trust of those we work with and serve. We are accountable to our customers and each other.


We will strive to encourage our employees and customers to contribute at their full potential. Everyone can make a difference.

We understand our priorities and performance goals. We will strive to do our part every day. We will take action to find and correct problems. We will commend each other on a job well done. We will provide our employees and customers the necessary resources and training to maximize their full potential.


We strive continually to learn and improve so that we may achieve the highest ideals of individualized service.

We encourage creativity, innovation, and vision so that we may achieve excellence as we fulfill the mission of MRSI. As caretakers of people with disabilities, we individually and collectively collaborate to be worthy of the trust given us by the individuals and families we serve.